What is sobriety?

Debra04If we all agree that addiction is having alcohol, food or illicit substances in control of our lives, how do we know what working toward sobriety is?

Sobriety in some recovery modalities is being abstinent with our substance or behavior of choice. In this healing paradigm sobriety is far more encompassing. Sobriety is not only staying off the substance, not being co dependent, not working our selves to the bone or engaging sexually with dysfunction. It is also finding balance in the 5 parts of being human. We must find balance emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and sexually.

When we are naturally engaged in life, not acting from our addicted patterns, we express ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally spiritually and sexually in a balanced way. Here are some examples of a sober, balanced approach to life:

Emotionally we express what energy is present for us in the moment. If we need to cry we cry. If we are angry we let it blow. If we are happy we smile, laugh or beam. Emotions are like water, they can flow out of us, like water flows.

Physically we express ourselves by learning new skills and then refining, training to master the skill. We hold the ability to transform our body and our patterns of how we are present in our world.

Mentally we can open to new ways of seeing things. This willingness to be receptive to new ideas is a sign of a flexible mind. We seek balance and coordinate our life in a way that feeds our hunger for knowledge.

Spiritually we naturally desire to grow and expand beyond who we are right now. We understand that there are forces that are greater than we are and we seek answers to the questions that mystify us.

Sexually we catalyze with our energy to create what we desire in our life. It is not just the act of sex; it is using our life force, chi, prana, to make our life abundant.

Come and join us to begin your walk to sobriety and a deep understanding of your addictive patterns and how to move toward sobriety and balance in your life.

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