What is APP?

The Addictive Personality Paradigm, APP, is for anyone that knows their life is not working because of addictions. These addictions can be to any of the usual substances, obsessive behaviors and co-dependency. This program is a ceremonial process that puts us out into nature for the personal and powerful reflections of how powerful we are without these addictions. We are then at choice to choose our power and find ways to engage in life in balance.
We seek balance in all parts of who we are. We focus on our balanced emotions, mental beliefs, physical challenges, spiritual connection and sexual healing. Each one of us have been so self focused to keep our addictions empowered. Being self focused separated us from life giving connections. We need connection. Connection is the opposite of addiction. Connection will allow us to make positive impact in our community.
Currently we have active programs in Arizona, the United Kingdom and soon to be in Vancouver, B.C.

APP AZ – The new ceremonial program begins in Arizona in August 2019! The start date has been set! Reserve your space today!
There are 12 ceremonies and 10 gatherings of the group. You will work with a committed group that desires their highest level of healing and experience of life.
We begin on August 23, 2019! Contact Debra@worthinessacademy.com for more info.

Public event!

August 15th at 6:30 pm there will be an introductory talk in Scottsdale.  This gathering will introduce interested people to the medicine wheel teachings at the root of the Addictive Personality Paradigm and its ceremonial process.  Contact Debra at Debra@worthinessacademy.com for more information.