Meet Debra

I am Debra Laughlin and I have been walking the path of recovery for over 40 years. The truth of the matter is that I thought recovery meant being abstinent from the substances that momentarily numbed me to the pains of my past. How short sighted I was. White knuckling my way into sobriety did not work. I merely transitioned between many different substances and unproductive behaviors in my unique dance with reality.

I had many pains and stories of pain in my life. I would use drugs, alcohol, food or sex to separate from the pain and thought I felt better as a result of my indulgences. The reality was I created more pain and lengthened the experience of the pain through my addictions.

In 1991, I began a journey within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, a warrior’s path of healing. It was through my work on this ‘Twisted Hair’ Path, meaning all ways to the light are honored, that I found a connection to my healing and true sobriety. I studied basic self growth and reconnection to the sacred process of awakening. In 2000, I engaged in an intensive healing of my addictions specifically.

Through my intensive healing, it became clear that my life’s work is to make available this ceremonial process to those that are ready to walk their journey into their healed warrior. I have been leading these ceremonies internationally now since 2002 and hundreds of healed warriors have reclaimed their lives as a result of this program.
I offer:
APP Ceremonial Programs worldwide – contact me for the next program start date or to sponsor one in your area
One on one coaching – supporting the individual in finding their accountability and anchor healthy new patterns.
Leadership training – gain success in relationships, business and personal growth
Shamanic counseling – personalized, targeted transformational work

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