APP-UK Deposit


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This is the non-refundable deposit for the full 12 ceremonial program.

This price includes cost of credit card processing.

What is APP?
APP is the Addictive Personality Paradigm program.  This is a healing program that approaches healing ADDICTION in a way you will not find anywhere else, worldwide.  This is a shamanic approach, putting us into nature for a confrontation of the elements and our shadow.  It is our shadow, the part of us that is the victim to our pain, that is addicted.
The shamanic approach allows us to learn how to reconnect with the spirit that breathes life into all forms of life.  We have time tested medicine wheel teachings that show us the connection to our pain and choices we make to end that pain.  We learn how to change our beliefs to allow our shiny self to emerge and guide us into true healing of these patterns.
We are on this journey with others and through the intimate approach of ceremony we create a healing community that supports and challenges us to risk showing our true self.  The true self that is willing to be seen and be successful in life.
Costs: We are lucky as for this first time in Europe we have a sponsor taking care of many of the costs and so we only pay a reduced rate. The deposit is $575 ($550 + $25 Credit card charge) and that is paid straight to Debra via her website at After the deposit you can pay module by module in cash or credit card.
The total price for the program is $5000. This is a not for profit program, the price includes only the cost for the instructor’s expenses.  We are still enrolling, let your friends know about it!
The program is being run in Wales at Mary Hoptroff’s Lodge near Swansea, South Wales.
We hope to house most people with Lodge members at a ‘medicine’ rate.
Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. This is a not for profit organization dedicated to getting these ceremonies and teachings into the UK.